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By Sky (anonymous) | Posted January 13, 2011 at 17:32:45

Some very valid comments on here today !

My concerns for Ivor Wynne is the amount of money we will be spending!

History has shown, even prior to Bob Young owning the Ti-Cats, that this location did not generate enough revenue to make money...So how will renovating it, change that?

Judi Partridge asked a very valid question...What do the football games generate in revenue for the City ie Tourism dollars, 'spin offs' ? The question could not be answered! Why? I would have thought that considering everyone knows that IW loses money that surely there was a positive side to this...I do not understand why we would throw more money into a losing venue.

Maria Pearson, hit the issues head on too, with the exception of City Staff's work...then again I could be wrong there...if nobody from Council has directed them thus far to get the hard facts on what we make at Ivor Wynne or the games, I guess it is not Staff's fault...

So we rebuild a stadium, and spend money ~ while under construction we lose the income as well.

I may get voted off on this comment but, I never agreed with WH...I have read every report done for that site and can't see it doing any better in the long run...Setting Sails was against it, The Veledrome Plan was against it, The official Plan was against it...I don't know why we keep spending money on reports and then go against the recommendations...

I was sincerely hoping for way better to start of 2011, I really hope that I am wrong because if not, nobody wins.

For the record, I am not pro or anti Ti-Cat/Bob Young/Sports...I am pro on moving our City forward without the burden of continueosly burning money...HECFI, The Farmers Market, Wild Waterworks...all of them, we subsidize...

Who in their right mind, spends even $20,000.000,00 on a venue when the major Tenant pays
$26,000.00 in rent? I am curious to know how much revenue we receive from the other 250 'renters'.

For us to enjoy a Stadium that is accessible to our Highschools, amatuer sport leagues, and citizens, it still must be able to carry itself...IMHO anyway.


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