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By Zephyr (registered) | Posted January 13, 2011 at 16:10:50

I have a nostalgic tie to the Ti-Cats. Although born in Ottawa, my dad raised me to be a Ti-Cat fan. I now attend a couple of games a year, and enjoy them for old-times sake. But the more I think about how much use a community stadium/velodrome and proposed athletics centre would get, the more sense it makes. Consider:

~ an estimated 500,000 people already visit the WH parks. Many rollerbladers and now ice skaters at the new rink. This development would build on the momentum that is already there. ~potential for world-class cycling events ~ potential for high-performance amateur cycling athletes to base themselves in Hamilton, much as Canada's speed skating team is centralized in Calgary ~ potential for a beautiful stadium for Hamilton's students to use --creating wonderful memories of the WH as the community's playground. ~potential for a minor league soccer team to be attracted to an area that is already Soccer Central in Hamilton. Witness the impromptu street parties centred on James St. N. during the World Cup and Euro Cups.
~potential for community soccer teams to use the stadium ~potential for music events -- the WH can become a destination sort of place. People can go here instead of going to Toronto to spend entertainment dollars ~cover the stadium and we have year-round potential ~and of course there is strong potential for private spin-off investment

If we have to sacrifice creating a community playground on our WH in order to keep the 'Cats, the sacrifice is disproportionate to the contribution of the 'Cats to our community. They had a chance to be part of the vision.

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