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By smitty (registered) | Posted January 13, 2011 at 14:20:04

I agree that Farr looked unpolished and I did not vote for him for that reason.However,he did second the motion for the plan B plan.I don't know if ward 2 is in as much trouble as we were with our last radio host councilor.Bratina did not support ward 2, (plan b) yesterday and flip flopped on almost everything on the table in his term while he was here.The scary thing to me is the same undecisive representation Bratina gave ward 2 will continue in his term as mayor.Although cheesy points in his speech last night were there, at least Farr saw a need for a plan b option.It makes me sick that our mayor wouldn't support a plan B option if all else fails.Farr has already shown more sense than Bob on this issue and I'm "frightened" about that for the city.I'm willing to deal with Farrs growing pains as a councilor but 4 years of Bratina is going to HURT!!!!

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