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By cityfan (registered) | Posted January 13, 2011 at 13:52:35

@ HamiltonFan

I thought of McMaster as well as a great location for a Velodrome, maybe down by Olympic Park in Dundas. Then I heard that McMaster may build some kind of building down by the WH instead of MIP. To me based on location I think it would serve the community better to put the Velodrome down there affiliated with McMaster because of the connection with GO Transit and it's an indoor building. Just think of the average cyclist that wants to come down and train from Toronto or further. All they would have to do is jump on the train with their bike and they would arrive at James St. North Go Station steps from the Velodrome. Look at Manchester's Velodrome in England to see the effect it can have on the community. They can still make it a jewel of an area for the city. All surrounded by new residential and retail development that everyone wants. A velodrome is unique and if done right it can be such a interesting building draw to Hamilton. Hell throw Frank Gehry in the the design if you want to. Also on another note. I heard Ian Troop comment on the radio today that Hamilton must not forget that the Velodrome must be part of this final location and financial submission by the city. Hamilton city council must not be caught up about just saving the Ticats. There must be a legacy for amateur sport and city building connected to this proposal. If not we may loose it all in Hostco's final decision.

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