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By Zephyr (registered) | Posted January 13, 2011 at 10:22:25

@Farr Too Much

You had me for much of your post. Farr made a mockery of the debate through sheer ineptitude and embarrassing grandstanding. I disagree with previous posters who think he just needs a bit of seasoning -- it feels cruel to say this, but I suspect Farr is a bit of a dim bulb. I read the crimes against the English language he called campaign literature a few months ago and didn't even consider voting for him. I was hoping his verbal presentations would be more cogent than his rambling, vague, and mistake-ridden written communications -- but my hopes were dashed last night.

Where you lost me was when you said Farr on his old Cable 14 show used to sound "like a farmer." I am a farmer's daughter. My observation is that while many farmers aren't smooth-talking snake-oil-salesmen types, there is often a lot of wisdom there. Many farmers manage multi-million dollar businesses and are used to making important decisions based on concrete information. Farr-like farmers wouldn't be in business long.

My only hope is that perhaps Farr realizes that he is in waaaayyyyy over his head, and will turn to other, wiser councillors (like the one beside him) for assistance. He also mention RTH last night. I feel sort of bad that he might read our comments about him, but I guess he needs to realize how abysmal his performance is. If he worked in private business, he would be fired -- at least he has a guaranteed job for 4 years.

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