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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted January 13, 2011 at 09:30:39

I think I commented elsewhere about Farr. His performance on the main motion was rambling and tangental, and I agree with most here that it seemed very irrelevant and unprofessional, however when it came to the "Plan B" motion, I thought he fared somewhat better.

I'm still holding out hope that he's just "finding his legs" so to speak, and will improve with time. (No, he's not my councillor.)

I though council did a very decent job, on the whole, of taking the ti-cats to task on this subject, criticizing the lack of information, public announcements/media stunts, lack of concrete contributions, and general shennanigans that have been going on since day one. Not all of them felt this way, but I think as a whole they criticized the ti-cats as strongly as they could, given their position as elected officials who still hope to work with the organization moving forward.

Bratina's opposition to "Plan B" seemed very uninformed. He ignored the fact that if we don't get IWS rennovated we will lose that stadium and its capacity to hold community events, and we will need to find another stadium for this purpose. Terry Whitehead did a good job pointing this out, and reminding council that McMaster privately owns Ron Joyce stadium, and their uses come first, with community uses coming second. A plan B was very necessary and prudent, and I was shocked that 6 councillors voted against it.

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