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By DBG ward 2 (anonymous) | Posted January 13, 2011 at 09:28:04

I have absolutely no faith in Hamilton's city counsel..
It's become a complete farce, and until a different set of individuals with a vision are elected, this city will always be doomed with an invariable attitude.
Who's really benefiting with an IWS redevelopment?
To place all that money into an area where spin-offs are going to take years to generate, if at all, is not benefiting the city..
How much is this current mayor's income being supplemented? Something very dodgy the way things shifted at the last minute with the Bratina-Young media show.
Hamilton should really be showcased in a different light then smokestacks and empty shops.
Sure it will look like a gem.. It's own island in debris!
Don't get me wrong..
Barton and Gage was were the maternal side of my family settled two generations ago when they came to this city.. Lloyd Street to be exact!
With all the pictures and stories I seen and heard, it was a different place then, and time.
We now have an opportunity to transform an area that is waiting to be polished, and to a point bring downtown a little closer to the bay..
This is OUR city, NOT Bob Young's..
The mayor should be representing us, not just one man who made a lot of money, and someone who will not always own that team..
Truly disappointing that this is getting any concideration...

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