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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted January 13, 2011 at 07:15:25

re: the comments about Farr...

I watched most of the proceedings online. And I have to say how unimpressed I was with a majority of the Councillors. Even putting aside the completely unnecessary faffing about with rhetoric and back-patting (it reminded me of the campaign trail, only because it wasn't, the effect was exaggerated), the fact that there were so many bad communicators on display did not inspire any confidence.

While I won't delve into the can of worms labelled 'Farr', I will say that for me, the worst 'performance' of the evening wasn't him, but someone whom I expected a whole lot more from.

Never mind politicians getting on board with social media; clearly there's a need for many to develop their communication skills in the traditional media, regardless of whether we're talking a live broadcast of a Council meeting or some other less vaunted situation. They did themselves no favours when considering the amount of wishy-washiness that this process has produced, few could actually get their points across clearly and emphatically. I understand that these weren't 'speeches' they were giving, but they were 'presentation's of a kind, and not ones to pass any discerning muster. Never mind inspiring anyone spectating.

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