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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted February 21, 2007 at 15:28:19

I don't like this us - 'urbanites' - versus them - 'farmers' - approach to this issue (or any issue). It never helps to generalize the nuances of the different stakeholders in a debate. We are all 'people'

Unfortunately Councilor Mitchell's response - while it is welcome - does not help me understand his argument. It seems as if he is trying to keep 'urbanites' (whoever they might be) and farmers as far apart as possible. As if it is impossible for someone who has never set foot on a farm to appreciate the farmers wishes...

In the UK hikers have a right of way over farmers fields. There is a general understanding (and no bylaw to the best of my knowledge - people are allowed to use their common sense - imagine that!) that hikers must stay to the edge of the field when walking across, and not disturb the crops. I don't know how much the farmers like it but I've never heard of any problems (except for Madonna complaining about gawkers on her country estate) and from a non-farmers perspective I can tell you that being welcomed into the countryside, and allowed on the farmers property, is a great way to gain a better appreciation of the farmers way of life. Perhaps Mr Mitchell would like us all to stay in our own little worlds lest we upset each other? Or perhaps the farmers he is protecting have a Madonna complex and don't want us gawking at them as we walk by?

It truly is a mystery


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