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By waterboy (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2011 at 20:26:37

I wonder if Burlington council is sitting coy. They already have soccer stadium plans. Appelby Line Sherwood area was planned out last year then shelved because the community thought the stadium was too big.

Burlington was never interested in a football stadium. They are more forward thinking and only entertained the idea diplomaticaly. Burlington may have just invited themselves back in to the party.

Appelbys Sherwood area is already a soccer locale but the surrounding community balked at seating for 10,000. Now that seating for only 6000 is being bantered around and tentative plans were already in place, Burlington just may scoop Hamiltons legacy funds through PanAm 2015 / Hostco for a fraction of the cost.

Unless there are some backroom talks, Hostco / PanAm 2015 is adamant about the legacy concept for amature sport. Everything I have read in the last 24 hours has been about football and ticats and only a passing reference to soccer. This is stupid talk, as they were when the ticats suggested they rip out the legacy track and field facility to make room for more football seating.

The PanAm organisers are reading the same thing we are. Hopefully there is more going on than what the journalists are writing.

Burlington can build a stadium for a fraction of the price the games are willing to dole out, thus leaving money for other sports if not saving the government and taxpayers money.

I wonder...

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