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By adrian (registered) | Posted February 20, 2007 at 21:21:01

It is truly dismaying to see the same dangerous and outrageous act being played out once again. Either the Bush administration and its allies in the Congress and the major American news media think we're utterly stupid, or they just don't care any more what anybody thinks at all.

If the US attacks Iran, what are we Canadians going to do about it? Merely refusing to take part or uttering a few cautionary phrases at the United Nations is not enough. We need to start seriously rethinking our economic and military alliance with the United States.

I'm not saying this because I'm anti-American, although I'm definitely opposed to the American government and the American military-industrial complex. I'm saying this because Canada ought not to ally itself with international outlaws, no matter how costly breaking that alliance might be.

Will we stand idly by while the United States attacks whomever it pleases? If the United States were attacking countries from which many of our ancestors come from or where many of our relatives live - say, Italy, England or the Netherlands - would we be so content to continue trading with America?

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