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By Joe (registered) | Posted June 02, 2006 at 10:30:49

I admire the strong position people have taken on restoring the Lister project, however, upon seeing this opening page I hope to never hear RTH authors complain about biased reporting from the Hamilton Spectator. Having RTH Staff, not an individual author, throw their support to one side of an argument, makes this publication's agenda transparent and makes it less objective than RTH's nemesis, the Spec. I'm sure the hypocrisy is not intentional, but it's present nonetheless.

For the possibly small minority of RTH readers who want to see Lister rebuilt, go to

RTH--keep up the good work, anyone whose heart is with making Hamilton a great city should be commended, but please recognize that not all of your readers agree with the position your authors take, and some of us would like more balanced reporting.

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