Comment 55066

By Lester (anonymous) | Posted January 07, 2011 at 14:09:04

Let me address another item - the ideas that have been expressed regarding IWS are interesting and have their merits - but as I understand it, HostCo would not extend funding to upgrade IWS - although that might be different in regards to tearing IWS down and replacing it with a scalable stadium at the IWS site. Sam Merulla might just like that as an alternative, and do I correctly recall that he wanted to bring forward a motion on December 22nd to drop the idea of building a stadium in favour of upgrading Ivor Wynne? If so, and it is on the agenda for this week, then the council has the option of pursuing that if it votes to do so.

As for IWS as a scalable stadium instead, again I can see merits in it - but I do not think that such and idea has been given sufficient study to prepare a proposal for HostCo that they would be happy with.

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