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By view from the west (anonymous) | Posted January 07, 2011 at 01:12:44

Transitstudent -- didn't mean to impugn the people of Hamilton, just bafflement at the political process and probably impaired by my love for big league sport (CFL qualifies for me) and the benefits I believe it brings to the economy and urban vibrancy. Undustrial -- as i said, the citizens of the the city / cities know best and will make the call. To abuse the football metaphor, I just see Hamilton at third and inches and deciding to neither rush, pass, kick or punt, but just to ground the ball or wander around with too many men on the field.

IMHO, Calgary, especially Regina (the two being the most decrepit stadiums in Canada after Ivor Wynne), would love the opportunity to replace or repair aging facilities -- ideally something like Winnipeg plans, which provides year-round use for a variety of users, mostly recreational and amateur plus some concert tour action.

But mine is truly a view from a long way away from the politics and budget realities of Hamilton or Burlington taxpayers -- the view from the cheap seats.

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