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By taxman (registered) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 22:12:39

Desmond, I'll agree with you that there is not harm in "studying a site". That said, neither Burlington nor Hamilton have the time to "study a site" at this late stage in the game. Burlington acknolwedges the furthest they will get is likely a "list of further questions".

So, while you have a point that there is no harm in studying, I would disagree and say that, where the study cannot possibly lead to anything (because it won't be completed in time) we shouldn't waste staff time with it.

The ti-cats should have approached Paletta and Burlington back when we were debating West Harbour versus East Mountain, not waiting until the last minute and hoping everything would fall into place. They've just waited too long.

They should realize you don't get "bonus points" for dramatic flair in football.

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