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By Hipgnosis (anonymous) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 14:41:02

@mrjanitor - I don't think that your argument is valid that once a building is zoned for something we do not need to revisit the zoning for future use. The Pearl Company is the perfect example of this. Also, Ivor Wynne was built 80 years ago and the City has changed dramatically since then. There maybe better uses for that site going forward.

I would prefer a park space for that property if it is deemed that the property values in the area are too depressed to make selling the property worth it. I would actually support using a portion of the future fund being used to create a unique urban park setting in area of the city that could use it considering Gage park is about all that they have. I envision purchasing Scott Park school since the City owns the park itself and producing pedestrian bridges over Cannon that would link the two. Pie in the sky? Maybe, but I think that it would be a beautiful addition to an area that could use it.

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