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By KittyTown (anonymous) | Posted January 05, 2011 at 17:42:24

Whitestar Group (Marino Rakovac and group) are responsible for restoration development of a large neglected building at Walnut street between King and Main in downtown Hamilton (a massive undertaking and an amazing transformation of an abandoned building in the core). It was once the historic Langley Parisian Laundry. Now they are fully rented studio lofts with additional commercial office and work space avail. They are also behind the recent Gallery 205 development project. A bunch of us had an opportunity to visit the gallery down on Cannon St East last month just before xmas and were impressed by their ambitious project. Converting an old abandoned auto dealership. I'll be visiting it again. The art show is great btw and a new cool creative hub has been started down there. I encourage others to visit.

Whitestar have done plenty of other development projects. They live here and work here. They've partnered with some of the top leading construction, engineering, architectural, and investment firms and have been blocked by the City of Hamilton from continuing with their hi-density condo/residential/commercial plans for WH for many many years. Why? I ask why? Even Bob Bratina stated these plans sat on his desk for years as councilor, and this goes back far far earlier than him. Can't seem to find the truth - and city staff are not answering questions. Lot's of double talk. I know Whitestar purchased land in tandem with Setting Sails and the City land aquisitions... but have been prevented from doing anything with them. Wonder if RTH can do some investigative journalism on that story.

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