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By synxer (registered) | Posted January 05, 2011 at 14:15:42

This situation is a low down shame. It seems like Bratina isn't going to be leaning on his progressive, best-case, non-emotional badge that I watched him wearing at the Hess Village West Harbour speech. I deduced that when he said "The stadium will be at West Harbour!" that he was the same kind of progressive that Fred Eisenberger was. Unfortunately, it seems he'll be leaning on his "Rob Ford", afraid of change, cut-to-the-chase side.

It's too bad that our elected officials didn't make it a little easier for Creative Arts, Inc., either. Perhaps called them up and asked if they'd want to get in on a great waterfront festival, tied in with that amphitheater that they obviously need. White Star could have ran with that ball for miles. And damn, wouldn't it have been great to merge Aquafest and Festival of Friends together for, perhaps, the largest waterfront festival in Canada? No. We can't have that.

I'm not really sure we have a real democracy - or at least, not one designed for good-doers.

If I were mayor in Hamilton, making progressive change and taking in due diligence and best-case scenarios, I'd be busy. After all, success doesn't come easy. I wouldn't be able to afford to constantly advertise these accomplishments because doing so would be a giant waste of my time. Especially at election time, when not only am I handling a city as my full-time and after hours job, I am batting away at unintelligible, emotionally-charged banter from every single candidate. On the radio, newspaper, email and web.

Wondering why our crap incumbents always manage to stick around? Every mayoral candidate I can think off had given me some form of information, mostly emotional. Except Mayor Fred. I called him for a sign despite having voted for him before and being on his list.

I didn't hear from Fred that much and I see a successful tenure as mayor. In his final days he was fighting for the stadium at West Harbour. Bratina on the other hand, I hear him a lot. In his first few months, he might completely blow it for all of us. Over what seems to be egotistically-driven. And the people he passionately fires up are always right behind him.

How can we win?

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