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By whitehorse (registered) | Posted January 05, 2011 at 10:34:16

Bob Lee quote: remember two months ago when all Hostco was talking about was legacy tenant, legacy tenant? And that day McMeekin and Aggelonitis said the province would not fund a stadium without the ti-cats, and the next day when they turned around on that? So what we're finally seeing is that this was a crock, beginning to end. No legacy tenant necessary, or rather, the community use is the legacy tenant. Now Troop's just struggling to save his ass.

Hi Bob Lee,

I like your statement! Ha ha ha ...

The Fed, Prov and Municipal government should focus more on creating activities which benefits to Early ages, Youth Canadian keep them out of troubles later, if they do not want to build more jails, which cost a lot more to tax-payers!

  • A scaleable stadium at the West Harbour also benefit to poor kids, who can walk there than have to pay for bus to go to Aldershot.

  • A foot-ball team is just a business, who love profits, they only care about $$$ but benefits to Hamilton's communities and Hamilton tax-payers.

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