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By Lester (anonymous) | Posted January 04, 2011 at 15:27:17

Sure, let's build the stadium on a green field site that provides public access to our own lakefront, health benefits to our families and our children due to the opportunity to use it for exercise, socialization and stress relief. Let's forever destroy a symbol of our cultural and social history and our political, social, and economic autonomy - after all, aren't these things are irrelevant to the deliberations?

Ludicrous - Confederation Park belongs as it is, a symbol of civic inclusion and political autonomy for the people of this city, not a cash cow for a private sector football team. In the West Harbour site we have a viable stadium site in place that can be built to be scalable while achieving the goal of acquiring the funding for completion that mayor has been warning us will be lost - while Ian Troop has just finished saying otherwise, such that WH becomes the best choice within the city.

About financially contributing to a stadium location in Aldershot - some of the Burlington Councillors are already backing away from the idea due to the possibility of being left with a big fat bill that can't be afforded because there is insufficient use of the stadium yet they would be left with on-going costs never mind the upfront costs they would have to pony up (can you say "property tax increase?"). Thus, while I'd like to see the circumstances regarding the Tiger-cats sorted out, not at the expense of our money and autonomy. Otherwise, the Tiger-Cats and the other parties interested in profiting from this situation at our expense would ask that we absorb a large portion of the financial risk.

NO. Call your councillor and tell them that Confederation Park is to be off the table once and for all, and that it is time that the parties involved meet to discuss going forward with WH and preparations to host a portion of the Pan-Am Games with or without the Tiger-Cats involvement in the process, or let's proceed with WH and prepare to host a portion of the Pan-Am games while letting the Cats and the City of Burlington work out a separate deal on the Aldershot site.

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