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By Lester (anonymous) | Posted January 04, 2011 at 11:13:51

Ian Troop and the doubters among Burlington City Council have just strengthened the position of Hamilton City Council. Call your councillor and tell them it is time to drop the notion of selling out our own poltical, economic and social autonomy by building "Bob's World" at Confederation Park. No, not ever, and definitely not with our money.

The Council has already decided on a site - West Harbour. While I do wish the Tiger-Cats well, at this point it is West Harbour as the location for a scalable stadium. The rubbish of the hardball play that the Cats attempted is done - put a fork in it and let's get Bob Young to the table with West Harbour as the site with planning considerations for future use of the stadium - or we build at West Harbour for the Pan-Am games and Bob Young is left out of the process period.

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