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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted January 04, 2011 at 08:36:55

Hamilton's involvement in the Pan Am Games and getting a stadium has always included getting the Ticats a new stadium. That is why, I believe, why this has always been tied to the Ticats.

This fragment of a comment speaks volumes, no matter that I might be listening to the words with admittedly biased ears. '...and getting a stadium has always included getting the Ticats a new stadium.'

Uh... No.

What we have here is conflation. (And were I to let loose on City Council for their part in how all 'this' has been allowed to unfold, I would start with how it didn't maintain the focus for its residents' consumption and comprehension of the issue.)

Because the focus has always been the 2015 PanAm Games. The prime directive has been to bring about a stadium suitable for the Games' needs...while keeping in mind its use post-Games, its contribution to the community. (And if there were no Ti-Cats, if they weren't a consideration, then this process would have proceeded in a far less dispiriting way.) The fact that some of us are now 'remembering' the velodrome aspect, an element I seem to recall being far more regularly discussed more than six months ago, speaks volumes.

Again, all the components of all 'this', the way they've been tossed about, the way so many casually hijack the discussion according to their own mandate, is the stuff of a theatrical production. That it should be a musical is how I'm leaning...but I'm still not sure about whether it's best served as a comedy...or a tragedy. I do see a high wire and trapeze bits.

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