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By Brandon (registered) | Posted January 03, 2011 at 22:16:56

@Hamilton fan,

I'm curious as to how you think we've lost face? I'd love the 'Cats to stay in Hamilton, but not at the cost of financing Bob's World for him.

If he's not willing to accept that the city won't build him exactly what he wants and where he wants it due to the fact that he's holding his breath, then I welcome him to shop for other opportunities for the 'Cats. That being said, finding another city that's got the money and wants a stadium right now is going to be problematic.

The most important thing about negotiating is being willing to walk away and apparently that's what the city is doing. Bob's World is fortunately a non-starter right now, but the option is still there for him to come back to the table and get himself a shiny new stadium. If he doesn't want his big stadium, Hamilton ends up with a velodrome and a smaller stadium that can be expanded, which means that if Bob comes back or another team comes asking, we've got something there to build on but at least something to use and enjoy in the meantime, and most importantly, we get some development downtown.

Ball is in Bob's court now, take it or leave it.

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