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By DanJelly (registered) | Posted January 03, 2011 at 16:23:34

Boy that Jelly guy makes a lot of sense. ;)

Matt's right. We have 4 weeks. No matter how well-intentioned our efforts to cling to Pan Am funding, that's not enough time to rush into any sort of unplanned investment. Sure, we could build a 6000 seat stadium and make modest use of it, but to me that would feel like we were settling for something just because we didn't have to pay the full price tag.

It's like rushing out on Boxing Day and buying a 50" plasma at 40% off -- even though you don't really watch TV all that much. Sure it's a good price and it looks nice in the living room, but was it really a bargain at that point?

We only get one shot at this--demolition and remediation aside, that land is a blank canvas and we have a pot of capital to work with. Let's do it right.

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