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By MattJelly (registered) - website | Posted January 03, 2011 at 14:29:29

I'd have to echo Jon Dalton's comments on this- it would be good to see some numbers on how much a 6000-seat Stadium would cost, how much HOSTCO will contribute, and how much we'd be expected to contribute from the Future Fund. Personally, I'd still rather not see the Future Fund be spent (especially in the form of a grant and not a loan) to build a Stadium, no matter what the size. I'm not sure how many uses we'd be able to come up with for a facility like this- a pro-soccer team could maybe make good use of it, but as far as I know we have no commitments to date that any franchise will be moving to Hamilton, but we'd have to make a decision by February 1st to build it- still a lot of questions if you ask me.

In a way, I'd rather we ditch the Stadium concept and start from square one at West Harbour and focus on remediation first and foremost- talking to residents during the campaign made it even more crystal clear that they would prefer a more sensible development in keeping with Setting Sail. As karmically satisfying as it might be to build a Stadium without the Cats, I still question the need for us to build a Stadium. Community use sounds great, but will we ever fill 6000 seats without a professional team?

Yes, I'm expecting a couple of downvotes on this one... ;)

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