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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted January 03, 2011 at 14:13:21

Fantastic interview, Ryan. This has got to be massively deflating for the Ti-Cats boosters who have been spamming RTH with massively-flawed predictions of "East Mountain," "CP lands," and "Confed Park" for the past six months.

The way I read Troop's comments:

  • A 6,000 seat stadium at WH is still a strong possibility if City Council wants it;
  • Aldershot has no legs as a potential location because;
  • Troop also sees this process as being hijacked by a corporate welfare case that budded in front of the other municipalities that are further up on the list.

I think the probability that York University gets a new, publicly funded stadium is a lot higher than one ever being built in Aldershot. If getting Waterdown Rd expanded and the one-way conversion of Kerns Rd. caused so much public consternation, I imagine trying to plunk down a stadium a few hundred meters from a Country Club and million-dollar lakefront homes isn't going to fly.

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