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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted January 03, 2011 at 13:34:11

@Hipgnosis, I believe the estimated cost when they had a firm out of Vancouver estimate how much it would cost to tear down much of IW and build a new facility at 75 Balsam, was $93M (escalated Feb 2010 dollars would be $97M and add ~ 3% for 2011)for the entire project, and $1.6M was to demolish a portion (not sure what portion or how much), of the stadium.

I did not post this report on my site because it states that it is not supposed to be shared on it? I got it from the City Clerks dept. though so it is public domain if requested. It's an Order of Magnitude Request dated Feb. 10th, 2009.

So if it was $1.6M 2009 price for partial, you are right. It could be costly for the whole thing and then add remediation on top of it.

The Cats talked of a fund they would create if things worked at CP, to help with West Harbor shovel ready and Ivor Wynne shovel ready land, or something to that affect. Not sure if the same fund would be on the table for an Aldershot or Confederation Park project? I believe part of the new stadium costs do include the land ready preperation of 75 Balsam for sale no? If not, it should be. A new stadium should not be errected, until the old one is taken down and the land remediated.

As I stated in my proposal to HostCo, if Ivor Wynne must come down, I would like to see the Pan Am dignitaries visit the grounds surrounding the current stadium in 2015, and see the legacy left by their games across our city. The amatuer sports hub that building a new stadium left behind on the grounds that have hosted sporting events since 1930.

Now that is a legacy.

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