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By jason (registered) | Posted January 03, 2011 at 13:08:50

Wow. So the people we pay to represent us handed the reigns over to the Cats on this???

I'm glad Troop mentioned the velodrome. To me, the picture is becoming quite clear. We need to take the 6,000 seat stadium at the West Harbour and build it with future expansion in mind for potential CFL or MLS teams. This would free up money for other west harbour developments with the future fund, and it would free up money for a world class velodrome. People around here simply have no idea what a world class velodrome will do for our sports development industry and image. It would put Hamilton on the international map.

Ryan, one final question - can Hamilton take a 15,000 seat stadium at the harbour, or will it be 6,000? Troop mentioned that they've budgeted for a 15,000 seat stadium whether it's here or in Aldershot.

Great interview, and thanks for uncovering some much needed info.

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