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By Another Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted December 31, 2010 at 16:38:31

I know nothing about marketing, sponserships etc.

I asked a client in Toronto who actually does ad buys and advises their clients on sponsorships.

His response? Southern Ontario, Lower Mainland and The West Island (Montreal)

You don't have those three in terms of interest your not a valuable property.

I've been to games out West, I wish we had their passion for the game. Unfortunately we don't.

And it's not Hamilton I'm talking about. It's Southern Ontario. There is very little interest outside of Hamilton. That's a fact, in terms of political and fan support.

Concentrate on Toronto? What the hell do you think they have been doing. Hamilton not important to the league? Why do you think we've gotten extension after extension. No other community has gotten that.

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