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By Shempatolla (registered) - website | Posted December 31, 2010 at 16:35:10

@another Capitalist

Can you suggest what the city has lied to Mr Young about? It's not as if this process has been conducted in a sound proof, bug proof crypt. WH has been on the books for years. Two Common Wealth Games bids, and now Pan Am. You are absolutely right about Southern Ontario and Hamilton. The key to what you have said is "10 winning seasons in 40 years"... . If Mr Young and the idiot that he hired as President concentrated on righting that situation and the team were in Alouette territory in win percentage and he was playing to 95-100 % capacity at IWS instead of 65% on most nights.... there might be more sympathetic ears around town, on council and on this site.

Bob Young has done great things with the team in a lot of respects. The product on the field hasn't been one of them although that seems to be changing. But that does not give him carte blanche to dictate to the city where, when and how much it will spend on a facility that is to still remain publicly owned.

Despite the spin and gymnastics with the Queen's English emanating from the mouth of Mr Mitchell, this is not a difficult dilemna. A stadium can still be built in Hamilton at West Harbour. The Tiger Cats need to sit down with the city and hammer out an agreement that delivers them some of what they want, perhaps game day parking revenue from area municipal lots, Bay Front Park parking, etc. Perhaps some of the nearby land held by the city in the stadium precinct so that Mr Young has the opportunity to develop some of the non football revenue stream he feels is necessary for his business to be successful. This is not rocket science. Some crow will need to be eaten on both sides. Just get it done.

Should lunacy continue to prevail, then I'm sorry. The city has better things to spend 60 million dollars on than propping up a private business in a location that does not accomplish the goals and intent of the Future Fund.

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