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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted December 31, 2010 at 16:27:40

"without Southern Ontario support, it's over!!!"

AC, you do realize that teams out west and Montreal, the fans of those teams, and perhaps Ottawa soon and a team out east, will laugh you out of the building with that comment. It's a southern Ontario eogcentric comment. I worked in Fort McMurray for a short time and there I found out early not to say "but in Ontario we do it this way". And I know a doctor who went out to Alberta and spouted the same thing. They fired the man after 2 years and sent him packing. Sure a team in southern Ontario, especially Toronto based, helps with advertisers and getting them on board but the CFL will survive without a team in southern Ontario. But as I say, with no team in Hamilton it allows the league to fully concentrate here on Toronto and with a team out east, well no one will even remember the name Hamilton in the CFL in a few years and it won't be missed.

London draws 9000 a game for the OHL Knights and guess what, no team in Hamilton. Do you think people in London need Hamilton? No. No one in this country sees Hamilton as a drawing card.

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