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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted December 31, 2010 at 16:03:36

If the league were terrified Another Capitalist, Mark Cohon wouldn't have indicated that if the TigerCats move and I mean move as into out east, Hamilton will not be getting another CFL team. Grey Cups have been sold out for a few years now far in advance and cities like Edmonton and Calgary have seen spending in the $60 mill range for the last 2 Grey Cups. Winnipeg is building a new stadium, Montreal has successfully added another 5000 seats to Molson stadium, BC Place is undergoing a $350 mill expansion and TV viewership is very strong. Ottawa looks like it will be back with practically a new stadium. If the TigerCats move out east, and a team out east is a priority for the league, the CFL will shed one tear for old time sake out of respect and say bye, bye Hamilton. No league needs Hamilton even the OHL doesn't need it. And with no team in Hamilton and a team out east, the CFL can concentrate on getting Toronto a stadium of their own to play in combined with using the RC once in a while as the Als do with the Big O. Toronto does not need the TigerCats. The TigerCats don't draw that much more than any other team there.

Hamilton is in no position to start telling the CFL what to do but Mr. Sam Merulla doesn't get that. And by calling the TigerCats a "welfare case" using this term in a derogatory sense, he is actually putting down people on welfare who really need it. And I apologize for an earlier post for using this term. However I'm an absolute nobody whereas Mr. Merulla represents this city. I think he ought to resign come to think of it with this remark and it's connotations to those on welfare to be brutally honest.

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