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By wentworthst (anonymous) | Posted December 31, 2010 at 14:19:33

@Tartan Triton wrote:
"...would obviously come at the cost of displacing an untold number of (potentially high-value) jobs and firms that could be generating prestige..."

IMHO, We need the jobs that will train people and then pay a living wage in this region.

You advise passing a $100-million job-offer for 1000's in favor of something only imagined in this economy. It frustrates me when people agree we need "more jobs & less poverty", but then want to be picky about what kind (seemingly based on what they would they think they would like, if it was them.)

@Captain Kirk wrote:
" understanding that it is improper to copy entire articles and that the proper tact is to quote a portion and provide a link... Is this proper netiquette?"

Fair enough... Its my own parochial loyalty rant: jobs-jobs-jobs. Its proven unpopular, so I apologize to RTH in general for my recent fervor (Eh-- I'm getting a lot of hate mail right now.)

"Netiquette" is more "standards and practices" from site-to-site. The legality only centers on fair-attribution; is a website giving credit or taking it and profitting.

Traditionally, you can quote what others are reporting, as that "news" becomes the news. (Started in Radio, where they often seem to just read the Paper to us.)

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