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By lorne (registered) - website | Posted December 31, 2010 at 11:58:15

It is worth noting that the Burlington Council is taking a far more measured and business-like approach to this proposal, including insisting upon a detailed business plan to assess the viability of a stadium and demanding to know how much the Tiger Cats and other private entities would contribute to the project. This stands in sharp contrast to the Hamilton Council which, from the beginning, demanded nothing concrete from Bob Young, relying instead on his general statement about the team being willing to contribute an amorphous 'millions of dollars.'

Accepting that kind of weak reassurance rendered Hamilton impotent in any serious negotiations with the team as they signaled their desperation to keep the TiCats in the city.

The idea that Hamilton somehow owed something to the team was further promoted by right wing commentators such as Bill Kelly and Ron Foxcroft, who apparently saw no contradiction or hypocrisy in their demands both for corporate welfare and preeminence of choice by the private sector playing with public funds.

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