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By jason (registered) | Posted December 29, 2010 at 21:23:58

Just came back from another wonderful day in downtown Buffalo and surrounding neighbourhoods and once again, frustrated at how simple street work so well and can be so vibrant. Found Hertel Avenue, another bustling, vibrant commercial strip just north of the vibrant Elmwood Avenue district. Both streets have street parking on both sides with one lane each way. Patio spaces for cafes, relaxed zoning regulations, surrounding residential neighbourhoods that are beautiful and walkable. I'd love ALL of Hamilton council to take a day-trip and walk Elmwood and Hertel and simply come back here and INSIST that the traffic department, LRT planners and zoning people all chill out and just put our city back to normal. I didn't see a single 3 lane/1 lane two-way screw up in Buffalo. Everything moves slow, steady and safely, other than some of their one-way streets right downtown, which of course are dead as a doorknob. I want a real city back.....

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