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By Curious (anonymous) | Posted December 29, 2010 at 00:42:36

Moylek, your explanation of 'delayed gratification" I find very plausible.
We will not make progress in the fight against poverty by making lame excuses. City officials and poverty advocates need to rise up to the challenge instead of endlessly repeating the canards that the poor have no time to shop for and make and eat nutritious food - if not for themselves then at least for their children.
Fighting poverty should be a two way street. The State must create a safety net of good health, educational,and transportation infrastructures that should be made available to the poor for FREE.
The poor must be given and should take practical courses in home economics, setting and meeting goals, job hunting, sex education and family planning, and handling finances. The poor can then take responsibility for their own upliftment once empowered with education and the safety net.

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