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By jason (registered) | Posted December 23, 2010 at 11:20:10

Simon, contrary to what it may sound like on the board at times, I think most people here have no problem with spending $170 million in public money for a new stadium AT the West Harbour. I personally believe ( ) that if we're going to spend that kind of public money it needs to benefit the city. Giving it all away to an individual business for their sole gain reeks of corporate welfare.
I still shake my head when I think of the simple fact that we as a city, were willing to use $170 million to build the Cats a beautiful new waterfront stadium as part of a bigger revitalization plan with condos, restaurants and an entertainment district and they are willing to walk away from that because they want to own a parking lot on the public dime. We understand the value of the team and the new facility to our city, which is why most of us would love to see a great new facility at the West Harbour with considerable public money involved.
I'm sure the Winnipeg Bluebombers would love to have $170 million given to them for their new stadium project.

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