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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted December 22, 2010 at 13:33:47

Do WH suppoerts really want a stadium down there, or just the site cleaned up? It's still residential and I know a lot of people don't want a stadium down by their homes. It's one thing to have a stadium grandfathered in to your neighborhood, but another to have one arrive in it.

The Cats had their chance to play/build there. Perhaps the Katz group will jump on board and many others, but I say remind the Cats of this statement from Mitchell. You said basically 'beggars can't be choser's'.

You had your chance with WH, now we are giving you an upgraded IW.

Cats, what do you need to turn a profit there, and how do we do it and at what cost. Really, at what cost. Not some magic $90M number. Especially if those numbers was actually from a report that stated $93M to tear down and build in it's place. Time to see some actual numbers for what is needed to make IW a viable option.

If BY still won't stay, a new owner (perhaps a citizen ownership even), will know exactly what they are looking at before buying the team. Free rent I would think is pretty good.

Than we can all go to bed knowing everything. We all need/deserve to know what our IW options really are.

Also, why couldn't the future fund money still go to an updgraded stadium? The entire $45M. It's still our tax money so what is the difference between tax money that is sitting there now, and tax money spread over a bunch of years? I know a parking lot and improved water and hydro services all bring money into BY's pockets so I can see that point, but it would have been the same at a new stadium. Or, reduce that amount a bit and tell BY Brian Timmis is his to tear down, pave over, and the revenues are his? Demo and paving at his cost as I think the Cats in this scenerio, should still put some money into IW.

Yes, they have already lost $30M over 7 years or whatever it is, but this $5M ontop of what we will put in to fix/upgrade the stadium, will all help IW create more revenue.

And now we talk two concerts a year there. A soccer team can play there. A local battle of the bands can be held there.

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