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By snuffy (anonymous) | Posted May 29, 2006 at 13:13:25

I am another former"nuke" who has seen the peak oil light,from a different starting point.My backround is Health Physics,radiation safty,sometimes called Radcon.My work at nuke stations primarily was babysitting non-nuke types working in "controlled area",as well as emergency responce when things went sour.Things can go from 0 to nightmare fairly fast at a station,so you get a feel for what can bite you. 37 outages at 17 nuke station as a Senior well as 2 years DODFEMA shipyard c/105
My understanding of peak began post Y2K,when reading several analisis of reactions,and eveluations to the [non]event.In passing ,a comment was made to the effect that peak oil was what people should be prepare for...further information trickled into my awareness,to the point of my devloping a itch to find out all I could.In 04 I had prepared myself enough to start takeing action,such as a presentation to the natural resourse commitee of the Ore state .gov,as well as raiseing awareness with those around me,or whom I come into contact...

The primary responce to me from most .gov types is SHHH! dont scare the public.

My reaction to this is the public should be scared at the .gov types refuseing to discuss what plans they have for dealing with peak,because sure as god made little green apples they have made plans...and plans we the public may not agree with..

My advice? Plant pereninal food plants,fruit trees,and start going low tech.Learn how to fix bicycles.And stay aware.Chronic,acute fuel shortage are a distinct possibility in our future good luck.

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