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By Vod_Kann (registered) | Posted December 15, 2010 at 07:20:30

"I keep on wondering where this 80 year old stadium myth comes from? The only thing there that is 80 years old is the ground on which the facility sits.

A $45 million reno looks good to me at this point!"

OK Ivor Wynne may not technically be 80 but by todays standard it may as well be. We live in a world where the Skydome, once the beacon of technology, is considered obsolete. Copps Coliseum, only 25 years old is considered ancient.

A $45 million investmant over 20 years (2.25 mil/year) will not buy us as much as we think. Don't we already drop something like 1.5 a year on Ivor Wynne? Will there be anything tangibly different that new new generation of fans used to cup holders and in-stadium restaurants notice or get excited about. Also remember that Bob Young hates Ivor Wynne's location. I'm saying it's fair or he's right but that's the reality.

We need to ask ourselves- "will a $45 million dollar reno really solve this problem?". I don't think it will. It may calm it down for a few years but it will rear its ugly head again.

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