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By timo1 (anonymous) | Posted December 15, 2010 at 02:58:03

I can't completely equate the idea of local with exclusion, though I can see the concern. The fetishization of food serves only to price it out of reach for most, or maybe that's a case of poor choices being made? At the same time, I have as much concern for those picking and packing our food overseas who are being paid slave wages. However, whatever the concerns, the only way to mitigate these problems, indeed the only way for the average person to act, is at the local level.

I believe the desire is to create an atmosphere that appeals to a broader set of people within the community of Hamilton. To do this management is attempting to bring in higher quality products, to support growers in Ontario who come from every conceivable background and thus support the economic and social benefits that come with an improved city market.

I understand that we often judge things based on our own prejudices and bias, but does that completely eradicate the idea of merit and quality? Yes, what's quality to me may not be quality to you, and what meets my needs may not meet yours, but I envision endless argument, a sure road to impasse and this community market suffering as a result.

I'm not familiar with the governance of this market. It is paramount to have some structure in place that people trust, if not council itself, to make decisions. That committee must have the ability to exclude people if necessary to best execute their given mandate and vision.

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