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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted December 14, 2010 at 16:10:48

Well I see A Smith's comment has been addressed.

To be honest, I often wondered why we don't have "mini-buses" to run at off-peak times, opposite to the "articulated buses" which we run on the busiest lines at the busiest times. They would presumably cost less to run, and could perhaps even be used to service lower demand routes more frequently (rather than less frequent service by larger buses).

As for someone asking how much McMaster/Mohawk pay, I believe their deal with the HSR is something to the effect of: If every student pays the equivalent of 1.25 times the monthly adult pass rate, every student will get an 8 month bus pass (valid only during the school months). It could probably stand to be higher (say twice the adult pass rate) but you have to be careful because there are students on campus who actively campaign against the bus pass deal, and when it does come up for vote every few years the result isn't always a "slam-dunk". I don't remember the figures, but the HSR gets a decent part of its revenue from the agreements with Mac and Mohawk students.

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