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By jason (registered) | Posted December 13, 2010 at 09:15:59

great piece Graham, over the weekend, upon learning of this news I began to wonder the same thing as you: - what will happen to the beauty school board building? - will the WH now be turned into a mega, one-storey box surrounded by a massive parking lot.

I think you are exactly right in stating that both of these issues are very important. People need to remember that part of Hamilton's identity is found in the collection of buildings downtown that make up 'Civic Square'. Granted, we didn't finish of the 'square' part of it because this city values mega-freeways more than public squares, but nevertheless the architecture of the entire area is amazing. Tear all of that down and we look no different than Burlington or Mississuaga.

As for the harbour, I agree that we need to slow down and stick with the vision of creating a neighbourhood that people will want to live in along with associated amenities. I can see some office space being a part of the mix, along with condos, health clubs, restaurants, patios, parkspace, entertainment/sports venues etc..... but to plop down that uneducated, ridiculous looking plan the board came up with a couple of years ago at the harbour would be a huge blow to this city and our future vision.

Find me anyone who can stand at King and James today and not marvel at the redeveloped Lister Block as it is slowly uncovered. Our AGH and now City Hall has been redeveloped. The Board of Ed building should be next in line, and perhaps we can get rid of the useless 'front lawn' there and replace it with a space more in keeping with the 'civic square' plan that connects to the AGH sculpture court and city hall forecourt.

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