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By support the farmers market (anonymous) | Posted December 11, 2010 at 11:55:02

Please note some stall holders did not receive a second stand but what about the ones that did not receive any. All the vendors were promised a spot on the market, this is what is so unfair. Why do new vendors take precedence getting spots when existing vendors were promised there was space? Now we want to create space for people who were promised a spot in favour of new vendors getting their spots? Get real people many decisions were made behind closed doors and now the community is catching wind of it and the councillors and Ms. Anna Bradford do not know what to do to clean up this mess.
Put yourself in the longstanding vendors shoes...they work tirelessly to give the market its people appeal. It is these same vendors who pay the salaries of the councillors in city hall. Lets put a cooking kitchen class in the new market and let us put people who sell chocolate and lavender soaps ahead of people who truly sell what makes a market a market. Maybe the city deserves more money over the time they will spend cleaning up this farce of an appeal system. Remember the longstanding original vendors in the old market and the sacrifices they have made to give us the Hamilton Farmers Market. they didn't all start in this grandiosi new market that is being put forth. No other worker in Hamilton would have ever been treated this unfairly why should these people be treated this way. I say get your lawyers ready and fight for what is rightfully yours then take what you owe to them off the councillors salaries.
A very disappointed Hamiltonian

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