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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted December 10, 2010 at 17:09:32

Ryan, in the interests of accuracy could you please change 8 minutes to 5 minutes, since this is a better estimate for an able-bodied adult.

Spacemonkey, the big picture is that our road design puts top priority on motorists and makes life uncomfortable, dangerous and inconvenient for pedestrians and cyclists (and I do own a car so I see this from the driver's point of view as well). This is a deliberate choice, and it is a choice that, in my opinion, has negatively impacted the overall quality of life in the city compared with other cities I've lived. It is also a choice that is unfair both to those who can't drive themselves (at least 30% of the population, even in the richest neighbourhoods, according the Gil Penalaso in his presentation to the Durand pedestrian workshop), and those, like myself, who prefer to walk when possible.

It's not as if residents want crosswalks at every intersection. They want crosswalks at intersections that are dangerous and provide convenient pedestrian routes. The city installs only two or three signalized crossings a year for a city of half a million. In any case, one could just as well say "we can't plow every road in winter, we can only afford to plow the arterial streets" or, "we can't afford to pave the side streets", or "traffic lights are expensive, we'll just use stop signs". It is a question of priorities: our priorities clearly differ.

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