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By LRT (anonymous) | Posted December 10, 2010 at 11:12:01

Main St should have been the main lrt corridor 100%. The City sure dropped the ball on that by stubbornly sticking with King St despite then Downtown Councilor Bratina's public cries to study Main as well.
Hamilton: Where 'logic' goes to die!

King St would have certainly benefitted from a Main St LRT so long as it were converted two-way.
I'm convinced there are one or two senior planners who are so old and bitter they sabotage any and every Hamilton project just to keep this city down. Think Jack Macdonld-era types (rest his soul).

It's high time the city has a staff buyout party so we can hire just as many YOUNGER planning profesionals for HALF the price of these old, bitter Debbie Downers!

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