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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted December 10, 2010 at 11:07:19

Sorry fir the off topic post, but there was a good article on walkability fail back in March:

Lots of comments dissed the 3 phase lights. The reason they do this is to increase the safety of pedestrians, which apparently it does. Because it decreases the average 'green time' it slows down lane capacity from about 50 to 33% of maximum (1800 veh/hr), so there is nothing in it for the car.

The Dundurn / Aberdeen intersection certainly has lots of pedestrian traffic, mostly kids, so in absence of a better proposal I think it should remain as it is.

But never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence. There is another 3 phase intersection at Garth and Limeridge that has minimal pedestrian traffic. East/west volume on Limeridge is really low since the Linc. North south traffic builds up large queues because of it, so you can't really argue that the city is pro-car here. Why is it still 3 phase, or why was it ever thus?

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