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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted December 10, 2010 at 09:55:53

I can't help but notice that in Ainsliewood, we do see money spent on creative solutions to protect pedestrians. Camelot Towers has a push-button crossing over Main Street - not a full 4-way traffic light but a single "stop for the pedestrians" push-button lighted crossing. There's a push-button crossing in the middle of Longwood S that isn't even on an intersection - it simply connects the MIP parking lot to the MIP buildings (apparently the city is willing to spend money on a push-button stop-light when it benefits motorists). There's a "yield to pedestrians" sign on the 403 onramp that divides Columbia International College's residences from its classrooms.

Why don't we see this kinds of things on Aberdeen? A similar "yield to pedestrians" sign would be nice on the Westbound turning slit at Aberdeen and Queen. A similar crossing would be a massive (though incomplete) improvement at Aberdeen and Kent. It would be annoying in that pedestrians would only be able to cross on one side (east or west) of the intersection, but it would be better than what they have now and would only slow traffic when somebody is using the crossing.

@Ryan - I still think Aberdeen would be much more hospitable if the City would convert Queen to 2-way and complete the Frid St. extension to connect to Longwood. Then all the westbound traffic coming down Beckett Drive would be spread through several routes instead of crammed onto Aberdeen.

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