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By Tecumseh (registered) | Posted December 09, 2010 at 18:46:11

Most of the comments seem pretty supportive of the vendors who got shut out of the new market facility. I'm just curious, is this support universal? I mean, back in September everyone seemed quite excited that the criteria to decide who would make it in to the new space focused on local food, locally produced goods, etc. I for one won't miss half the vendors who weren't allocated space. Like many (I would say the majority) of the comments back in September said, the guys bringing a truck full of garbage from the Ontario Food Terminal to the "Farmer's" market won't be missed. If we can negotiate space in Jackson Square for them to stay, that's fine. But I certainly hope we're not going to be paying their way, because in my opinion we kicked them out of the (subsidized) market for a reason. I am really looking forward to the new market with it's local farmer and producer focus.

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