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By hamiltonthisis (registered) - website | Posted December 09, 2010 at 09:04:06

@Ryan, it's not just that corner that will be affected.

Sure, let's let Granny stroll across King on the west side of Dundurn. Only takes 30 secs. Come rush hour, this will line up cars on Dundurn, between King and Main, and potentially turn the North Crosswalk on Main St into a death trap, as a congested roadway is filled with steel and rubber, and motorists who can't turn off Main St potentially risk someone's life trying to squeeze left onto Dundurn. I see it now, and the traffic flows smoothly with the way things are.

I agree, @RW, we are helping with that attitude, and RTH goes a long way to promote that, but in this instance, King and Dundurn isn't downtown. It's just the wrong corner to put your stool.

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